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The Discount Diary Inventory, October

Quite honestly, I have never really sat down and added up my spend versus the actual price like this.  I am confident it will be rather alarming.  Realistically, a lot of these posts were not solely in the month of October.  Thank God or I’d be flat broke.  Below you will find an inventory of items or experiences (and my precious pooch), what the original cost (or a low-balled estimated actual cost) was and what I actually spent.

Purchase Original Actual 
Gilt City Raid the Warehouse Sale ticket $10 $10
Renvy, ruched purple jersey dress $110 $29
wesc, men’s Kinley knit sweater $130 39
Converse, Jack Purcell, Johnny high tops $85 $19
Rebecca Minkoff, Bombshell heels $325 $79
TopShop studded crop jacket $130 $10
House of Harlow earrings $30 $0
TopShop lipstick $18 $0
Four bourdon drinks at Yardbird $40 $0
Bar cheese plate at Yardbird $6 $3
Butter lettuce and mango salad at Yardbird $10 $5
Biscuits at Yardbird $7 $3.50
Kate Spade, The Journal, iPad case $85 $45
IKEA Expedit book case $69.99 $35
Levi’s, high-wasited destroyed denim shorts $44 $44
Levi’s, high-wasited destroyed denim shorts $44 $7
BDG demin, snap up shirt $59 $14.99
BCBG seamless dress, tan $88 $44
BCBG seamless dress, red $88 $44
BCBG seamless dress, gray $88 $44
Kimchi Blue, Scallop sandals, purple $59.99 $19.99
Kimchi Blue, Scallop sandals, turquoise $59.99 $19.99
SATC white Halston $325 $118.99
pink iPhone case* $30 $0.49
wooden flatware organizer* $20 $12.99
squeaky dog toy $7.99 $4
Yankee Candle, 26 OZ, maple butter $14 $2.99
Sperry, women’s Top Sider, graphite $60 $22
Snorkeling trip at John Pennecamp State Park, Key Largo  $44 $44
Ted Baker, the Sanyu, black ankle booties $325 $76
Women who Wine, Fizzy Lifting Drinks event $35 $30
Lobster tail $9 $4.99
Lobster tail $9 $4.99
half a pound of asparaghus $1.19 $1.19
two potatoes $1.39 $1.39
bottle of wine, Chardonnay $8 $8
fried chorizo stuffed olives at 8 oz Burger Bar $7 $0
short rib grilled cheese sandwich at 8 oz Burger Bar $10 $0
guacamole with chips at Lime Fresh $2 $0
queso with chips at Lime Fresh $2 $0
two Surfer Tacos at Lime Fresh $7 $0
sideways cross necklace from Ruby and Jenna $40 $10
sideways cross bracelet from Ruby and Jenna  $20 $9
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo clutch* $200 $35
Chiweenie puppy* $250 $0

Well, thank you Mircrosoft Excel. You should all probably sit down for this. This list contains 45 purchases.

The total, original price of everything is $3,015.

Are you ready? Anyone want to take a wild guess?

I paid $901, a minuscule 30% of the original retail cost.  Every item is linked, take a look back and see for yourself.

I am in total shock of the vast difference! It will certainly be difficult to maintain this 70% off lifestyle but I’ll try.

xo Rae

*are based on estimates from similar products or prices referenced in the original blog post