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featured friends

Normally, I score most of my deals while shopping solo.  With my first month of entries on The Discount Diary coming to a close, lots of friends and family have been sharing their frugal finds with me.

I would absolutely love to share your finds or experiences, so send them along!  Here is what I need:

Who? Who is this for, you, your friend, your mom, who?
What? What did you get? The best part!  Make sure its a high quality item or experience that you got for less. Include pictures!
Where?  Where did you get this awesomeness? Store, sale, city, state, etc.
When? When did you get it and an example of when you used it.
Why? Why did you buy? Because the killer discount of course!  Let me know what the original price was and what you paid.

Any lifestyle related category works, women’s, men’s, kids, home goods, experiences, vintage, groceries, thrifting, anything you got a great deal on.  You do not need to write a novel or even an entire blog post.  Just give me the details and I can put it together.

Don’t you want to brag about share your savings with others?  Email me at TheDiscountDiary@gmail.com.
xo Rae

Shopping with Sandy

I have been glued to my Twitter with the CNN on in the background all evening.  However, as the work day went on and the approaching catastrophe was imminent, I did receive some very clever emails.

At my former job, an internet retailer, Irene and her aftermath put a significant dent into our regular sales with millions stuck without power and less concerned with online shopping.  It seems some other businesses have experienced something similar and were not about to let Sandy walk all over their Q4.  
I received emails with the following promotions, lasting only 24-48 hours, below.  Whether you’re in the storm trying to stay busy or safe elsewhere, have at it.
Urban Outfitters is offering free standard shipping (which will probably be delayed in the north east) on all orders until 3 am tonight (3 am, October 30) using promo code ALLSOGGY.
This may not be storm related, as it isn’t directly indicated and it could really be because they miss me, but Gilt’s email is offering 20% off my next purchase with the promo code GILT20  for 2 days.
And lastly, Karmaloop has pulled out all the stops with an email from the CEO and tons of Twitter promotion.  They are offering free shipping on all orders and tacking on an additional 20% off any orders over $85.  Their promo code is SANDYASS, charming Karmaloop. 
Be safe NY and everyone else affected by Sandy.  
The rest of you, pull out your credit cards, some retailers are already offering to donate portions of profits made over the next couple days to Sandy recovery  efforts.
xo Rae