Daily Archives: October 25, 2012


Haa, got you guys again, this is definitely not about Monday Night Football.  I understand if you close your browser right now.

Ok, for those of you that decided to linger, Monday Night was Fancy.  In a purely “eat your feelings” sort of effort, I combed the aisles at Publix to alleviate my case of the Mondays.  MNF – Score! Lobster tails were on sale.  I’m not sure if this seemed a little bizarre to anyone else but I opted to move swiftly and ask no questions.  Lobster tails and what?  Well, I just wanted a veggie but I suppose that’s not enough for others.  I grabbed two potatoes, a pound of asparagus and a bottle of wine, to cook with of course.

After a long day with a case of the Mondays does anyone really want to cook an elaborate meal?  I didn’t, so here’s how it went down.  The baked potatoes were done in the microwave wrapped in damp paper towel for 15 minutes.  I “grilled” the asparagus on my open panini press with a little butter, lemon, salt and pepper. As those cooked, I put half a stick of butter in a skillet with garlic and sprinkled it with basil.  After that melted, I added about a cup of the wine.  I ended up getting a medium bodied, $8 bottle of Chardonnay.  I sliced the under part of the lobster tails.  Once the butter and wine were simmering I dropped the tails in and covered them for about 4 minutes.  Done.

Lobster tails normally run anywhere from $9 to $13, I paid $4.99 each for two.
A pound of asparagus was $2.38. I used half, approximately $1.19.
Two potatoes came two $1.39 and the bottle of wine was $8.

A home cooked fancy, 15 minute, Monday night meal came to approximately $20.56.  I saved minimally $2 on each lobster tail, which is at least 19% off dinner.  Dinner came to about $10.28 a plate with wine.

Best from my alter ego,

Rachael Rae