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women are winers

No, no fellas, that is not a typo.  Perhaps the women in your life whine but me, I prefer to wine (normally accompanied with dining, you follow?).  The Federal, Food, Drink & Provisions recently started hosting Women Who Wine, a series of weekly gatherings of women who want to learn about and enjoy wine aside others with similar interests.

This week’s Fizzy Lifting Drinks pairing was about sparkling wines. The pairing consisted of five wines and four properly paired foods.

The bar at The Federal 
Photo Credit: www.thefederalmiami.com

Now pardon me if this doesn’t come off as if a sommelier were speaking to you but I am utilizing these events to learn and am not perfectly educated, yet. We had Gruet, a Chardonnay from New Mexico perfectly paired with Brie, figs and pecans.  Both tasted better complimentary than solo, think two heads are better than one.  That and the Prosecco from Veneto, Italy paired with butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds and prosciutto were my favorite combinations.  The Prosecco, squash and condiments were reminiscent of autumn and made me ready for my Thanksgiving trip home to upstate NY.  Next we had a solo Riesling from Sekt, Mosel in Germany which was nice to break things up.  The following, Gratien & Meyer Cabernet Franc got lost in the incredible rabbit sausage version of bangers and mash with a tomato compote.  I’m sure it complimented it excellently but I was mystified by how much I loved rabbit sausage that I frankly, don’t recall.  And the final pairing was Medici Erulete Lambrusco from Lombardy, Italy, a red sparkling wine, with Texas Style Brisket and Hash that was to die for. By the time I finished that I recognized I needed to stay for more food to complete dinner.

The cost of this delicious evening is $35 (before tax and tip) but when purchasing online, in advance there is a $5 discount.

Not only did I get to enjoy 5 sparkling wines and 4 dishes, an incredible value like I wrote about Sunday, but I am learning about wine and pairing at the same (damn) time in a comfortable, inviting, social setting with Aniece, aka @epicuriouschic, the passionate leader of the series and partner at the Federal.

I love a good experience.

xo Rae