Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

moccasins in Miami

Until I purchased them, I had never even heard of them.  When I told my girlfriends what I paid for them they scoffed in shock as they both paid significantly more for their metallic Sperrys in the spring.  During a brief, lunch time Marshall’s run, I was in search of some closed toed, casual, cute and comfortable shoes.  There is nothing I hate more than wet toes and summer was particularly rainy.

So what are my options?  Ballet flats, but did I want another pair? Nope.  It may have been rainy, but I still struggle with other Miami residents pulling out their combat or ankle boots in July, its hot.

And then I came across the softest little, slipper-like moccasins I ever encountered.  They reminded me of the men’s UGGs loafers, the Sperry, women’s suede Top-Sider in graphite.

The original retail price was $60.
I found them in the clearance section at Marshalls and I paid $22.
They were 63% off and I saved $38.
I’ve had them since June and not only are they functional, they are durable.  After doing a quick search online, I found they come in other colors and I can still get them for between $20-40 and you know how I feel about great finds that come in other colors!
xo Rae