Daily Archives: October 18, 2012

free love

Now, I’m definitely not going to sugarcoat this one. Everyone knows love comes at a price, maybe not a monetary price but a physical, emotional, all encompassing price. However, you can give love for free and I was lucky enough to find my little love and not pay a penny.

The time had come when I was financially stable enough and eager to take on the responsibility of getting a dog. I decided I wanted to get a dog from a shelter. I did the research and started to “shop around” online for pups in shelters in my area, mainly using Petfinder.com.

I called and made my appointment. The following morning I heard a little tiny whimper come from my roommates bedroom, which I dismissed as nothing since she has two dogs. Much to my surprise, there was a little tiny puppy with her. She was so small. My roommate explained a client of hers got her from a family whose dog had puppies and was giving them away but unfortunately the client could not take care of the pup either. She volunteered to take her home and find a home for her since there was usually someone in the house and we already had dogs but she too could not afford another dog.

How could I not keep her? Seriously, look at her! At 2 pounds and barely six weeks how could I not? So I did. Just like that, for free, she was all mine.

The companionship from a a dog is so fulfilling and who would’ve thought, she was free!

I recognize not everyone can be as lucky as me but if you are considering a dog, please consider a rescue. Rehoming fees are usually less than you would pay for shots and to have them fixed, and they are exponentially less than paying a breeder for some designer dog. You can get more information from the humane society in your area.

Now that you’re saving money elsewhere why not give some free love?

xo Rae