Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

Marshalls #FabFoundTour

Today, Marshall’s Fabulous Found Fashion Tour made it’s last stop in Midtown Miami.  Considering Marshall’s is one of my top deal shopped stores (see Section II of the Glossary), I stopped by after work.

I caught one of the quickie fashion shows but I thought their activities were brilliant, or made for me, whichever.  With a $5 gift card up for grabs, we played with other people in attendance and whoever guessed Marshalls price after being given the original retail price, won.  At the other station, they took my picture and I was able to build an outfit.  They calculated the savings and I was given a $5 gift card for sharing on my Twitter.

Armed with my $5 gift card, I crossed the street to Marshalls, in the Shops at Midtown, and headed straight to the home section, bypassing shoes (exercising extreme self control).  I very responsibly purchased a drawer organizer for my flatware, a new toy for my pup (as she demolished the majority of hers) and a candle.
The drawer organizer didn’t have any price so I don’t know the original price, but I paid $12.99.
The dog toy was originally $7.99.  The clearance price was $4.00.
The candle is a maple butter scented, Yankee Candle, originally $14.00 and I paid $7.99. 
Minimally, I saved $10.00 plus the $5.00 gift card.  The total would’ve been $34.98.  Before tax, the final total was $19.98, or 43% off.
Free money, gifts for Jackson and housewares, AND it’s only Tuesday – what could be better?  Perhaps it being Friday, but not much else. 
xo Rae