Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

fifty cent makeover

Something bigger,something better, all the rumors – what’s going to happen next?!

Yea, some select features on my iPhone 4S certainly are better than that of my former iPhone 4.  Siri, for example, is my home girl. However, a lighter, sleeker, bigger screen wielding, new charger needing iPhone really doesn’t do it for me, ESPECIALLY for the price.

Do I wish I had a white iPhone instead of the standard black? Sure.  Would I rather spend my money elsewhere?  Absolutely.

Aside from the necessity of protecting my iPhone, I have been looking for a case that revamp one of my most used tools.  My iPad has a great case and I use my iPhone way more.  You can pick up any average unattractive iPhone case at any store but if I’m going to shell out the $30 minimally, I wanted to LOVE it.

before and after

Instead, I spent $0.49 on Amazon.  Yes, I spent less than two quarters.  Shipping was $4.99 and I got my case in 3 business days.  Online, most cases like this are fairly inexpensive but I was prepared to pay more for a quality one, which I still may do eventually.  This is perfect for now though.

xo Rae