Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

double your pleasure, double the fun

Name that early 90s slogan, ready… go!

Gum people, Doublemint gum.  Get your minds out of the gutter, jeez.

When making purchases at such fantastic prices I definitely don’t have a problem buying duplicates of the same product, as long as I am going to use it until it falls apart or better, it comes in different colors!  So, in a shopping sense double the pleasure, is definitely double the fun, or even triple.

Yup, on one occasion, I went there and in reality I actually bought 4 of this particular dress, as I picked one and sent it to a friend in NY.

Luckily, at two outlet malls in South Florida, Sawgrass Mills and The Dolphin Mall, there are BCBG outlet stores, which you will see in a later post about my most shopped stores.  I always do well at BCBG outlets.  I was celebrating some new found freedom in the early spring and had some visitors coming into town so the lunch hour, impulse shopping ensued.  The dress I picked up is called the low back seamless dress in the color driftwood.  It is long sleeved, heavy material, longer than most dresses and has a dramatic scoop back.  It was originally $88 and half off.  I bought it for $44.

I wore this dress out and wow, it fit well.  It was so comfortable.  It wasn’t too revealing.  I felt incredible, unstoppable and like my ego probably could have used a little, tiny bit of deflating.  So, I obviously told all of my girlfriends about it and bought two more.

Had I bought the three identical dresses at their original retail price, I would’ve paid $264.
At 50% off and $44 each, I paid $132 total.

In conclusion, when you find a classic cut piece for a great price, that you are comfortable and confident in, I highly recommend getting a second, or a third.

xo Rae