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Glossary, Section I: Online Shopping

Below you will find my most frequently shopped websites, a brief description of each and if they are best for any item in particular.  You’re welcome.

Gilt*, www.gilt.com – This is like the godfather of daily deal sites, or more appropriately called “flash sales”.  They market themselves as designer deals for up to 60% off but they are so much more.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I cannot find something I would purchase on this site. Think one-of-a-kind, Louis Vuitton bags that would run me over a month’s worth of rent all the way down to American Apparel spandex marked down below $10.  They have women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods so do not hesitate to shop for gifts.  Their customer service people are actually (rare) helpful, too!  Use my link to sign up: http://www.gilt.com/invite/rachaelwitte

Gilt City*, www.giltcity.com – The lifestyle driven site (part of Gilt.com) offers high end experience driven deals in Miami, New York City, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, Philly, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle.  I have purchased voucher’s in both NY and Miami and upon moving to Miami, I heavily relied on the deals for trying new things.  My most purchased item on here would be event tickets, like ticketed sales such as the Gilt City #raidthewarehouse (mentioned here) sale or sample sales, grand openings, private parties, etc. but they have lots of deals on upscale spas, salons and restaurants as well.

HauteLook*, www.hautelook.com and Ideeli, www.ideeli.com –  Both sites are the same model as Gilt.  I do well with make up on Hautelook and really well for casual clothes on both.  They are less expensive than Gilt but I’d say more staple wardrobe options, less trendy.

ASOS.com – The UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty shop (according to Wikipedia, ya know the online Bible).  They have a wide variety and an enormous selection of brands.  I’ve only shopped dresses on this site.  Their sales are amazing and for some of the items they even have a video of a model walking the runway wearing the item.  Two thumbs up from me!

Living Social*, livingsocial.com and Groupon*, groupon.com – If these need an explanation, I suggest coming out from under the rock you reside below once in awhile.  My Living Social and Groupon tip would be to always check consumer reviews (I prefer Yelp) for the place you are buying the deal from.  There is such a wide variety that I’m not sure what my most purchased type of deal is but my favorite allowed me to try paddle boarding for the first time at a discounted price – it was awesome!

Craigslist* – As unbelievable as it seems, aside from the previously mentioned bookshelf, I’ve purchased my dresser, nightstand, dining room table and TV console.  So, I mainly buy furniture. Just use caution.

And the perfect marriage of online shopping and in store shopping would be Urban Outfitters (mentioned in denim, denim, denim, yesterday’s post).  Obviously, I do well with denim but I have purchased sandals, books, sunglasses and jewelry, too!

Unfortunately for my self-control and fortunately for my wardrobe and home, I can get lost in these sites eternally.  Enjoy!

* There’s an app for that!  Each of these have very user friendly, mobile apps that make shopping “flash sales” optimal or dangerous.  You can be the judge of that.

xo  Rae