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levis cutoff jean shorts

denim, denim, denim

Yesterday, while I was couch shopping, I miraculously found myself in Urban Outfitters, bizarre I know.  They’re taking an extra 50% off all sale items.  My purchase yesterday reminded me of other pieces I’ve picked up there that have since become staples of my wardrobe.  A denim combo only seemed appropriate for this rainy Sunday.

Although it is a normal store, not an outlet or anything like that (do those exist?), I regularly do very well at UO.  At just barely 6’0″ tall I have difficulty finding any clothing that fits correctly and until I moved to Miami I boycotted shorts. When I did finally succumb, I went to UO to find the perfect pair.  They are Levis, high-waisted, stonewash, destroyed denim shorts.

I PAID FULL PRICE.  They were $44 which I justified as reasonable because similar ones on Nasty Gal, were around $80.  They have been worth every penny.  A couple months after I bought the shorts I was browsing the sale section and wouldn’t you know, identical to my shorts, in my size and last pair in the store.  They were having the same sale they are running now, additional 50% off all sale items.  I recognized how much I wear these shorts so I had to have a second pair. The final price on this pair, a heart-stopping $7.

Upon realizing they were holding this same sale yesterday, I started my mission.  With great focus (as to not break the bank)  I found a BDG, snap up, denim shirt in the sale section priced marked down to $29.99 from $59.99.  I tried it on over my clothes, approved and got into line.  Done.

First pair of shorts were $44.
Second pair of shorts were $7.
Denim Shirt was $14.99 (after the additional 50% off).

The total of these items would have been $147.99 and I paid $65.99 which is 65% less than the original retail price.

Another great tip for shopping at UO, shop around online and if you find something for less there than at the store, show them and they will give you the further discounted price.

xo Rae