Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Craigslist killer

Furniture shopping is seriously such a drag, which is why I am procrastinating and posting this.  I need a couch and unfortunately that is not something I am cool with getting from total strangers.

However,  I have gotten the majority of my other furnishing for the living and dining rooms on Craigslist.  My most recent purchase may be unnecessary but I spent more on coffee in the past two weeks than I spent on this bookcase.  I bought the IKEA Expedit bookcase.

Let me let it be known, when I do go look at something on Craigslist, I am very careful.  I usually don’t go alone and if I have to, I let a couple people know the address of where I am going and the phone number.  I only call about items in good neighborhoods and that I am 99% sure I will buy.  Use common sense people.
The guy I bought the bookcase from had a storage unit full of assembled IKEA furniture and wood flooring.  He explained that he participated in a tradeshow where he was assembling them for demonstrations.  This bookcase had literally never been used.  It was on display for four hours, packed up and then put in this storage spot.  The man wrapped it to protect it from my trunk and secured it in my car and it now sits in perfect, unused condition in my dining room.  Conveniently, I met the guy about a mile from my house whereas the closest IKEA is about 35 miles from my house.
The original price of an IKEA Expedit shelving unit (assembly required) $69.99, plus tax, delivery and/or assembly.
I paid $35 for an assembled shelf and barely had to leave my neighborhood.
The is a savings of minimally $34.99 or 50% off.
I will continue to make killer purchases on Craigslist, just not today for my couch.  Cross your fingers that today’s shopping excursion wields enough savings to make it on The Discount Diary.
Wish me luck.
xo Rae