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the happiest of hours

Friday, the 4-8pm block of the day, represents the happiest of hours for those of us working hard for our money.  Last Friday, a beloved coworker and I made it to Yardbird Southern Table & Bar for their #SouthernSocial.  Every Friday in September, Yardbird, served select bourbon drinks off of their specialty drink menu FOR FREE for women.

These free drinks are far from your average “free drinks”.  They are finely crafted, innovative and so very strong.  Bourbon blackberry lemonade topped with Prosecco, who would’ve thought?  Yea, me neither.  I never considered bourbon being included in my drink of choice but with recipes like theirs I definitely have a new appreciation for it.  Check out their menu here.   
A Southern Revival at Yardbird
(photo credit: Yardbird instagram – runchickenrun)
We ordered the bar cheese which is bleu cheese based deliciousness in a mini mason jar served with veggies and some interesting crackers, butter lettuce and mango salad and the staple unnaturally savory biscuits served with jam and honey butter that I would eat with a spoon if the jar wasn’t so small.  
Between two of us we had two drinks each at $0.
The bar cheese plate is $6.
The butter lettuce and mango salad is $10. 
Those biscuits (yum) are $7.
The drinks average about $10 each.  
The total was $23 prior to tax and tip.  We left $35, as it is proper to tip on what the bill would’ve been.
The total of our free drinks $40 which would’ve brought our grand total to $63 before tax and tip.
Split in half, we each spent $17.50 each.  Had we not attended this lovely happy hour we would’ve spent minimum $75 ($63 plus an 18 percent gratuity) equaling $37.50 each.
I saved $20, which is more than what I spent all together. Do you know what I can do with $20?!  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I imagine you’ll catch on soon enough. 
You can find Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at runchickenrun.com, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter @Yardbird.  Check out what their #SouthernSocial is offering for October!
xo Rae

Photo credit: my instagram – raewitte