Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

wanna go shopping?

As you can see, my initial response was obvious but upon really thinking about it, my girlfriends and I found ourselves asking, what’s the catch?  Is this real life?  Is this going to be some scheme where we all end up missing and Nancy Grace is yapping about it?!
No, no, not quite.  No need to panic.  I asked my friend Rhett, who is a nightclub promoter, what the catch was.  No catch, just come.
CELEBRATE!  These people were promoting the grand opening event of TopShop in Nordstroms and miraculously had never heard of TopShop.  Strike two Miamians, poor turn out at the Gilt City #raidthewarehouse sale and now this?! Get familiar. Their loss is my gain, I suppose.  
Anyway, I called my girlfriends, we raced to get ready and get down to Set where they piled us onto a coach bus with an interesting mix of South Beach’s finest (I hope you guys read sarcasm) and headed to Nordstroms.
It was legitimate… or legitimate enough that we were all handed $150 Nordstoms gift cards.  We were like kids in a candy shop and to show our gratitude, my three girlfriends and I spent every cent of that $150.
Here is what I went home with:
TopShop Studded Biker Jacket 
(photo credit: TopShop.com)

House of Harlow, Sunburst, gold and leather, stud earrings
(photo credit: Bloomingdales.com)

Additionally, for attending the event we received a complimentary lipstick and nail polish in our “swag bags”. I promptly gave the white, shimmery nail polish away but kept the deep, red wine colored lipstick.
The jacket was originally $130.
The earrings were originally $30.
The lipstick was a freebie.
I paid $10 plus tax for everything. 
Given this is a RARE occurrence, this “purchase” was approximately 95% off after my grand total.  Crazy part, it was the same day as the Gilt City sale so if you took the grand total of the entire day I got $810 worth of merchandise for under $200 with the ticket price and tax. 
Although this may be a case of simply who you know, in cities like Miami first and foremost, be careful. I will say if you are offered something legitimately free and as incredible as the aforementioned, be courteous, be grateful and for the love of God, show up on time. 
xo Rae