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rebecca minkoff shoes

One of the most wonderful times of the year,

And I am not referring to Christmas.  It’s the Gilt Groupe Warehouse Sale, #raidthewarehouse!  I was lucky enough to snag tickets to one in Miami and New York last year and Miami’s this year, so far.

The warehouse sale is a ticketed event.  New York tickets easily sell out within a day.  Conveniently, Miami must not appreciate a good sale.  The tickets have tiered pricing and are available on the experience driven deal site, Gilt City (go sign up, now). I could’ve paid $20 for early access the night before the sale, $15 for early morning admission, $10 for mid-morning or $5 late in the afternoon. There is a DJ, free drinks, some snacks and coconut water, to stay hydrated of course. Like I said, one of the most wonderful times of the year.

I grabbed the $10 ticket, as I am sure, had I chosen the earliest slot I would’ve spent my entire paycheck therefore defeating the entire purpose of going.

Below are my incredible purchases (please excuse some of the amateur photography).

wesc Kinley men’s sweater
(photo credit: jackthreads.com)
Converse Jack Purcell, gray Johnny high-tops
(photo credit: lyst.com)
Renvy, purple ruched jersey dress
Rebecca Minkoff, nude and metallic leather, Bombshell heels
The purchases:
wesc men’s Kinley knit sweater was $130, I paid $39.
Converse, Jack Purcell, Johnny high-top was $85, I paid $19.
Renvy, ruched purple jersey dress was $110, I paid $29.
And the climax of the day, Rebecca Minkoff, nude, softest leather I ever felt, metallic, strapped, Bombshell heels that were originally $325 and I paid $79!
Original retail value: $650
The damage:           $166 (plus tax)
I saved $484.  That is a 74.5% discount.

Unbelievable… impressed?  You should be.

Look for a full description of both giltgroupe.com and giltcity.com in an upcoming post where I provide and describe my most often shopped stores, sales and websites.

xo Rae