Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Dear diary,

As ridiculous as it sounds, because it feels a little absurd as I type, I look at shopping as somewhat of a sport.  I don’t enjoy aimlessly blowing cash on mediocre material objects.  I live for the hunt and this drive is not limited to clothing.  I obviously enjoy shopping for clothing but I love shopping for anything – groceries, hotel rooms, flights, gifts, shoes, ANYTHING.  The reason I take so much pleasure in shopping is because I rarely pay full retail value. I love sales. 

Money doesn’t buy happiness and people truly value material objects to a disgusting degree but finding overpriced, brand name, high quality items marked down to an affordable price literally brings me a sense of accomplishment and I send a little “I win” out to all of you.  I hate the the term but essentially, I am an incredible bargain shopper.  I’m not talking dollar store status, I’m talking quality wares here!

This brings me to The Discount Diary.  I have decided to write an account of my daily spending and saving.  Although the majority of the purchases (or freebies) you see here may not be considered necessities, I hope that some of you that may live outside your means a smidgen will continue to live fabulously with some extra cash in your pocket. 

At the end of each month I will calculate the original retail cost of my purchases and what I actually spend and you can decide if you’ll adjust your spending habits.

xo Rae